Saturday, 13 October 2012

Playing at Plumpton

 A great day at the aerotow field, arrived at 10.00am with a torrential raincloud over lewes but rigged the microlight as it was sunny over plumpton and pretty much everwhere else in sight. We were ready to fly by about 12.30 and i took off first. I had not flown the Axxess or any rigid wing on Tow before and also had a new woody valley tenax3 harness, so was quite nervous. I shouldn't have been though as it was the easiest tow i have ever had, no yawing and instant roll response although all i needed to do was focus on keeping level with the tug, everything else just sorted itself out- I LOVE THIS GLIDER! I got towed to 2000ft but when i released i was about 1-2kms down/cross wind of launch so i headed back to the hill in quite a bit of wind slowing up and turning in lifty bits but finding no thermal cores and was down to about 1100ft ato when i arrived back, once near the hill i had a lovely boat around heading upwind to darker clouds, thought i was going to land a few times but got a few thermals low down that shot me back up to cloud-base, highlight of the day was thermalling with Jonny Carr up to cloudbase but he shot of downwind heading of to Dover and i headed back to the launch field (next time i am going with him!)- Anyway, great day, Aerotowed my new glider, tried my new harness and got to cloudbase quite a few times, not a bad day for the middle of October!

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