Sunday, 24 March 2013

Fantastic Firle 14/03/13

Great day, i decided to not go to the dyke as I'd been there yesterday and it was a long carry up with the hang glider due to the massive snow drifts. So we decided on firle, arrived at 9:15 and i talked to Carlo and Nancy for a bit before finally rigging the glider- miles and Paul arrived shortly after and we all started getting exited at the sky by 11am, I launched first shortly after that, the sky was good but maybe due to the wet ground the thermals were very weak low down, also only the westerly bowl was working- got a weak climb to about 300ft and moved forward to another one to about 700ft and then forward to another which eventually took me to base with another paraglider. I then went too fast a few miles out the front, towards the first good looking cloud, and hit bad sink all the way there- which nearly ended my flight very quickly- got lots of ripples of the ground very low down which seemed to take forever to get up- eventually took a few very weak thermals back to base near drucillas roundabout and then screamed back towards the sussex pg shop- got a few climbs along the way and managed to get onto the south side of Caburn but was not getting great air in front so headed back to a good cloud, got back to cloud base a couple of km's in front of gribble s ridge and then headed for Lewes- a fantastic glide using a cloud street, almost lost no height at all- very lifty all over Lewes and lots of thermals coming off the first bit of the ditching ridge- had a motor glider come searching for lift beneath me, after some floating around looking at Lewes I then headed back over nicos's house and towards Kingston and then went back to play in front of the NW ridge where the paragliding school where teaching and eventually back to firle- had to burn off 2000ft to land but was hungry and exhausted after over 6hours airtime in two days. Great day- must remember to pack transport money next time and go further- but was good to talk to Paul, miles, and Nicos and John b who had spotted me from Lewes and Firle village. 

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