Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snowy devils dyke 13/03/13

A really good day for February- Miles and me drove to a  km away from the dyke until all of a sudden there were 5foot snow drifts in the road and cars abandoned everywhere- this resulted in miles turning around and heading to firle where he had a good flight but I decided to try and fly from the dyke and fly over to firle- a few miles away. It was a long walk to take off with my rigid but well worth it for a beautiful flight. I flew with Adam on his rio and James on his moyes rs3.5. It was a thermic day but with overdevelopment and snow showers every so often I decided to stay around the dyke area, I got between newtimber and the ditching ridge and went off the end of truleigh into the valley a bit but had a broken gps so no tracklog. 2000ft above takeoff was easy but the walk back to the car with the glider at the end of the day wasn't. I almost decided not to fly the following day at firle which would have been a terrible decision as it ended up to be my best flight in the South Downs in the past two years...

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